Supporting those with disabilities Cooleraid catches up with Soloman and Johnny Jackson

Cooleraid • 31/07/2014

Meet Solomon, left, and Johnny Jackson, right, two handicapped tailors who have found work through the Lifeline Fund. They are setting off home on the hand-pedalled tricycles provided for them by Lifeline, which has provided many more of these tricycles to handicapped people across Malawi.

The Lifeline Fund discourages discrimination against disabled people and strives to support people that are handicapped. At the tailors’ shop known as “The Happy House”, there are five members of staff who all suffer from some form of disability. Lifeline has currently helped more than 20 handicapped men and women find employment.

At Cooleraid, we want to give those with disabilities the help they need to make day to day life less of a struggle. That is why we donate 10% of our rental revenue and 35p from every bottle of water we sell to the Lifeline Fund, who ensure that every penny is put to good use.

To find out more about the Lifeline Fund or if you are interested in helping, please contact John Searle on 01223 276710.

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