What’s So Good About Water? Cooleraid realises exactly why everyone should be drinking more water

Cooleraid • 21/07/2014

Being composed of 60% water, humans really do need to be conscious of their intake of it. Surprisingly the health benefits aren’t just for hydration purposes. We should all aim to drink more water and here are just a few reasons why:

1. Water can actually help to prevent weight gain. Instead of guzzling weight loss shakes and missing out on important nutrients, a glass of water before a meal will help you to feel full for longer and kick start your metabolism. If the water is ice cold your body has to work a bit harder to warm up therefore burning a few extra calories in the process.

2. Instead of opting for a drink high in caffeine, like a coke or an indulgent creamy coffee when feeling tired, we should be drinking a glass of water. It’s dehydration that so often leaves us feeling fatigued, so when you are thirsty you are already slightly dehydrated.

3. Exercise is obviously an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that being well-hydrated means you can exercise for longer without ‘hitting the wall’? Hydration helps prevent muscle cramping and also lubricates the joints reducing the chance of injury whilst helping you to improve your lifestyle.

4. Prolonging our youthful looks is something that we are all concerned with. Whether we actively think about it or not, aging is rarely done gracefully and naturally anymore. However one easy way to slow down the aging process is to drink water. Water will nourish your skin, as lines are deeper when you’re dehydrated. Water will hydrate skin cells and plump them up and it has also been shown to be able to flush out impurities.

If I haven’t convinced you that water is brilliant then have a go at swapping to just water for a while, and see and feel the differences yourself.

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