Would you like to achieve Glowing Skin, Weight loss, Elevated Mood, whilst feeling Energised? Here’s the simplest way…

Cooleraid • 02/05/2018

It’s always possible to go for a few days without food. Why anybody would do this out of choice is beyond comprehension, but it can be done with little damage to the body. Going without water on the other hand, is not only dangerous, but life threatening. If you feel thirsty, then your body is already starting to dehydrate, so the best way to combat this is by drinking regularly before thirst even registers.

Set yourself a challenge to drink more water. Go one step further, and give yourself a complete detox and drink ONLY water for a few days, or even weeks, and feel the benefits. Here are some of them:

Clearer skin
It’s an often forgotten fact that our skin is the largest organ of the body. To keep it in tip top condition drinking more water will help it to build new cells, whilst flushing out excess toxins which can build up into blemishes. Obviously it will help flush out the insides too!

Weight loss
Drinking water is not like taking a magic slimming pill – it’s more of an aid. It will supress your appetite if you drink enough, causing you to eat less, and it will also help with digestion when you do eat. Drinking before a meal will prepare your stomach for the food to follow, and will help to break it down.

Mood improvement
Dehydration can literally shrink your brain! This in turn will cause you to feel nervous or angry, grumpy or confused, and sometimes even depressed, not to mention the headaches that can plague you. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay more alert and focussed, and your mood will be lifted in no time at all!

Energy Levels
If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, then it could be because you’re a little dehydrated. This means that the cells and tissues in your body aren’t getting enough water, and without it your enzymes are unable to produce energy. Have a drink of water – it’s like a tonic!

Some quick and simple tips to follow
Eat foods rich in water, such as fruit and vegetables.
Cut down the caffeine – your body will need more water to metabolise it.
Carry a water bottle with you, or keep one on your desk at work.

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