5 Reasons to Drink More Water at Work!

Cooleraid • 05/09/2016

Whilst we’re all keen to participate in the office tea round, do you find yourself eagerly flocking to the watercooler, as you do with the cuppa? Perhaps not, but ensuring you’re drinking enough water at work is extremely important. You might find your work days are busy, jam packed with client meetings, internal meetings and trying to keep on top of your emails but there’s always time to grab a glass of water, and it might just enhance your health in more ways than you could think of…

Here are just a few reasons why you should be spending more time at the watercooler!

It Energises Your Muscles

Drinking plenty of water is so important for maintaining healthy muscles. Cells that are unable to maintain their balance of fluids often become fatigued and don’t perform as well as they should. If you’re day-to-day life is quite physical and you tend to be running from here to there, it’s imperative that you keep your fluid levels regularly topped up as you don’t want to burn out!

It Improves Concentration

When you’re at work, it’s important that you’re focused and on your A-game. A lack of concentration can seriously harm your productivity, so if you find yourself struggling to focus and suffering from brain fog, it’s time to reach for the water. 70% of our bodies is composed of water, and our organs are dependent on it to function. Take that away and you’re left with serious problems. Our brains rely on having access to water, so when you feel you’re struggling to concentrate it could be that you’re dehydrated.

It Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

There’s nothing worse than suffering from a bad breakout, especially just before an important work presentation or meeting. It can seriously harm your confidence, and make you feel less than ok! It’s important to keep your skin hydrated, helping to lick in moister and create a physical protective barrier. Dehydrated skin can often look tired, suffer from dryness and be more prone to breakouts. Keep drinking your eight glasses a day to keep your skin happy and healthy!

It’s Good for Your Kidney’s

When you’re not consuming enough fluids you could find yourself more prone to issues such as kidney stones and kidney infections. Our body fluids play a vital role in transporting waste products in and out of cells. Our kidney’s work hard to cleanse and rid the body of toxins, but an adequate water supply is needed!

It Boosts Your Energy

We all live increasingly busy lives, so a boost of energy is always much needed! Our muscles are made up of roughly 75%, our bones 22% and our blood around 83% so it’s not exactly a surprise that our bodies require a constant supply of water to run efficiently.

So the next time you reach for that vital cup of tea or coffee, why not consider grabbing a glass of water too?

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