Why You Still Need Water In Winter

Cooleraid • 06/10/2016

 You might be thinking now that summer is well and truly over your water intake isn’t as important as it was back in the August heatwave. This is definitely not the case! While you probably felt a stronger thirst in the hotter months it is still imperative that you maintain a healthy water intake, even over these colder months!

Our bodies may not be sweating but we still lose water vapour through our breath and those that are dehydrated often find themselves more susceptible to winter colds and flu. No one wants to be ill so it’s important you ensure you’re doing all you can to prevent illness. Our bodies never stop needing water, so don’t become a stranger to your office watercooler.

Just because you aren’t feeling that need for a drink, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t require it. You should still be maintaining seven glasses of water a day in order to enhance concentration and keep all your vital organs in tip top condition. It’s natural though over these months that we’ll all feel a need to reach for a hot drink to warm us up on these chilly Autumnal mornings. Instead of reaching for a calorific triple hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles, why not opt for something healthier? Sure, the hot chocolate is slightly tempting but it won’t do you much good if it quickly turns in a daily habit. Instead try a glass of warm water with a hint of lemon and honey for a tasty drink that will hydrate you and boost your health!

Try and avoid caffeine filled drinks such as coffee, as these are diuretics and will actually have a dehydrating effect on your body. Instead, stick with the warm water and lemon, or opt for a decaff coffee or tea.

If you’re really struggling to top of your fluids then fruits also count towards your water intake. These are a natural source of water so add a few oranges, slices of melon and berries to your packed lunch! Follow these tips for a healthier you this winter.

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