How Drinking Honey Water Can Benefit Your Health

Cooleraid • 05/04/2017

We all strive to look good, have great skin and live a healthy lifestyle. And we all know the most effective (if not easy) way to achieve this is by eating healthily and exercising regularly whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Assuming you already have that in the bag, are there any further ways that you can help improve your general well-being?

Something as simple as drinking honey water can have an amazing effect! Many of us already drink warm water first thing in the morning, and we all know this is a great start to the day, but adding some honey can have a whole host of benefits.

Immunity and weight loss

Not only is honey water used by some as a weight loss remedy, it can also boost immunity. Honey is packed with vitamins and minerals which provide the body with the vigour to fight off disease and infection, as the probiotic bacteria stimulate the cells in our body. Being a natural substance, honey can mobilise stored, unused fat and cholesterol in tissues and cells, and the sugar present is both harmless and healthy.


We all need to keep well hydrated to maintain decent energy levels to get us through the day. Drinking honey water first thing in the morning will provide helpful carbohydrates, antioxidants and other nutrients, whilst helping to expel toxins from the body. You can add lemon juice too, for that extra boost.


 If you should succumb to a nasty cold, honey water can have a really soothing effect. It will help relieve the pain of a sore throat, and by adding some ginger or lemon which both contain antioxidant properties you will have a completely antibacterial and antiseptic remedy. Should you suffer with hay fever or other pollen related allergies, locally produced honey can work wonders as it contains pollen from your vicinity, which will help you build up a resistance.


Drinking honey water before bed and first thing in the morning will improve your digestion by aiding the easy passage of the food you’ve consumed from the intestines to the colon. If you suffer with any kind of stomach complaint, this will also be beneficial. The antiseptic properties of the honey will help lower acidity and increase mucus production in the intestine. All helpful to keep you regular!

Held in high regard by many healthcare professionals, honey water is one of the healthiest organic foodstuffs, and by drinking it one of the most natural and easy ways to detox the body. Honey is readily available and is one of the only natural substances that will never go off! So next time you have the kettle on, consider stirring a couple of spoonfuls of honey into your cup. The benefits will pay dividends!

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