Improve Your Exam Grades With One Simple Solution

Cooleraid • 01/04/2019

Many students could do with a bit of a boost as exam season approaches, no matter their age, intelligence or ability.  It can be a stressful time as they cram for Finals, A Levels, GCSEs and even SATs.  So it stands to reason that any extra help is welcome at what can be one of the most momentous times in any student’s life. 

We can’t wave a magic wand and give everyone a photographic memory, but we do have a (virtually) free tool to give you the best chance of performing to your very best ability on that all important exam day. A tool that is available to every one of us. Water.

Science has proved that our brain function and activity is boosted just by drinking water.  When we think about dehydration, our minds often conjure up images of extreme cases where people are severely starved of water, but in reality dehydration can be swift, albeit initially mild. 

If we are even slightly dehydrated our bodies can develop a number of symptoms that we might confuse with other conditions.  Insufficient water intake can interrupt our memory and ability to focus properly, which can then lead to headaches and fatigue.  This added to irritability, insomnia or problems sleeping and even mild depression may have you thinking that you have a whole heap of stress on your shoulders, when in fact the solution could be a simple as drinking more water in order to correct your levels of hydration.  Of course, there could be elements of stress involved, and these are not to be taken lightly – water is not a cure all.  BUT… it just may help to alleviate some of the symptoms listed above.

Scientific studies have shown that students who are only 1% dehydrated could experience a 5% decrease in their cognitive functions.  If the level of dehydration increases further they may struggle to access their short term memory, and chronic dehydration will cause the brain cells to shrink in both size and mass.

Hydration levels should be at their peak throughout the lead up to exams, and during the exam sitting itself.  Take a water bottle in with you – you’d be surprised at the amount of students who don’t!  You want to give yourself every advantage – sipping water regularly is one of them!

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