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Cooleraid • 10/06/2015

With droughts in many areas of the world, global water demands increasing and bills rising, the question of how to save water should be on everyone’s mind. It is essential that we are doing all we can to limit our water consumption, both at home and work. Take a look at these top tips that you can adopt into your everyday life.

  • Running tap water in order for it to cool down is a big waste, instead try and store drinking water in a jug, bottle or use a Cooleraid bottled water system. This way, you’ll have instantly cold water without any of the waste.
  • On average, a running tap uses six litres of water per minute. Now if you calculate the time you leave the tap running whilst you brush your teeth, twice a day, all that water can certainly add up. Remember to try and turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, just twice a day that will add up to around 8760 litres of water a year!
  • When you are washing clothes or dishes, make sure you’re washing a full load every time and are trying to fit in as many items as possible. An easy way to do this may to be to set certain times in the week when you will put a wash on, that way everyone in the household will know the days that they will get their clothes washed or remember to bring the cups down from their room.
  • Most of us already know that a 5 minute shower uses an average of 45 litres of water unlike baths with can uses up to 80 litres. This simple change to showers can cut down your water usage instantly. If you are used to taking long showers, then why not try and limit your shower to two songs on the radio, that way you’ll always know when you need to get out.
  • Why not invest in a water butt for your garden? It will collect water for you to distribute out into your garden, or watering your indoor plants. It comes in really hand in the summer, when the hot weather can take its toll on the greenery.
  • When cleaning your car, you can save hundreds of gallons of water a year by using a bucket of soapy water than running the hose. Save the hose for a quick rinsing burst. Or better yet, try a water-free car cleaning kit, yes they really do exist and work!

It only takes a few small adjustments in everyday life to see big savings, a positive change for the environment and lower bills. Think about your life and all the ways you use water to see if you can think of any other methods in which you can save today!

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