Spice up your Water! Cooleraid helps you to get creative with your drinks

Cooleraid • 27/11/2014

We’re constantly being told how much water we should be drinking, and just looking at a 1 litre bottle of water makes the thought of drinking 2-3 litres a day seem more like a chore! But there are ways to mix up your daily intake of water to make it a little more flavoursome and beneficial to your health…
• Spa Style – add a slice of cucumber for an extra refreshing taste!
• Herbal – ginger, mint and lemongrass are all interesting flavours; discover which is your favourite. Or even opt for floral alternatives such as lavender and rose hip, both full of vitamin C!
• Fruity – It doesn’t just stop at a slice of lemon or lime, any fruit will add a hint of flavour to your water; berries are particularly tasty and packed with antioxidants.

A combination of any of these ideas poured over ice in a jug and served as a healthy cocktail makes your water instantly more appealing. And with the new H Duo Mains that features a heating system, there are even more great ways to enjoy your water, but HOT!

• Green tea – known for its many health benefits, green tea is especially good for helping to burn fat more easily.
• Herbal tea – there’s a whole range of flavours to choose from! Try chamomile to control your blood pressure and help digestion, or ginger is perfect for soothing your stomach and arthritis.
• Broth – a type of light soup, gives you all the nutrients and vitamins found in vegetables, add some chicken too for protein. Excellent for the winter months!

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