Tips for Upping your Water Intake Cooleraid Has The Answers

Cooleraid • 01/02/2016

A study of 30,000 peoples drinking habits back in 2014 revealed that less than 1% were drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day. With most participants averaging around only two glasses, quite a shocking result! Not only do we need it to quench our thirst, but dehydration can lead to much more serious consequences, such as liver and kidney damage. Your eight glasses a day also helps to keep headaches and fatigue at bay.

Many of us simply just forget to drink! We load ourselves up on caffeine fuelled drinks throughout the day, forgetting that we also need to keep topped up on the clear stuff too! Or we simply find the taste boring and bland, with sweet sugary drinks favoured instead.

So how can you try and increase your water intake? We have a few top tips.

Infuse it with fruits

If it’s taste that’s the issue, this can be easily solved! Instead of buying flavoured water abundant with sweetener from the supermarket, trying making your own. Slice up your favourite fruits and add to your glass of water for a sweeter taste. Add lemons and limes for a zesty kick or if it’s something sweeter that you prefer, strawberries are a great addition! You can also buy sports bottles with a built in infuser for on-the-go.

Eat More Water Dense Foods

It doesn’t have to just come from the tap! Compliment your daily glasses of water with water filled foods such as pineapple, oranges, and watermelon. Fruits tend to be up to 80% water, so it’s a great snack to maintain your hydration levels if you struggle to keep reaching for the tap.

Download an App

You know they say there’s an app for everything, well there is! Download an app such as ‘Waterlogged’ that keeps track of your daily water intake, as well as reminding you when you should be having another glass of water. Quite handy isn’t it? Now there’s no excuse for forgetting!

Make Fruity Ice Cubes

Jazz up your water with some fruity ice cubes! They’re super simple to make and will add a nice chill and flavour to your glass of water. Just fill up your usual ice cube tray but add in a blueberry and raspberry (or fruit of your choice) to each cube. Et voila.

Try the Fizzy Stuff

If you simply can’t tear yourself away from the bubbles, then try a sparkling water instead. It’s a bit of a marmite option though, some love it and some hate it. To make it more bearable, add in a few slices of orange to take off the slightly bitter edge.

Hire a Watercooler

We obviously stand by the fact that all offices should have a watercooler, providing staff with freshly chilled water all day long. Good for keeping you motivated, alert and productive! You’re definitely in the right place for this one.

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