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We pride ourselves on great service, value for money and quality of products. We like to keep all our customers updated on what goes on in Malawi. The money that we donate each month makes a massive difference. Read our newsletters below and see the difference The Lifeline Fund makes.

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Cooleraid has been running a successful business since 1993. In this time the support from our customers has been extremely important in supporting our Lifeline Fund in Malawi. We have documented our journey through the years, seeing how we have helped so many lives, such as Joseph Benjamin.

John R. Searle, Lifeline Fund Co Ordinator Writes:

“I found Joseph in Chikwawa district, shortly after leaving our feeding station at Dyinthenga. He had begged a piece of sugar cane from a roadside vendor, and was seriously malnourished.

He was suffering from a ghastly septic wound on his chest which was smothered with flies. His father had passed away leaving his mother destitute with several children. Joseph became a casualty of extreme poverty. I learned that his chest wound had begun as a deep scratch in 1996, when Joseph was just 4 years old, and due to a lack of medical attention, (which costs money), the infection spread until only an expensive and prolonged period of treatment in hospital could save him”.

Joseph Benjamin, 2002

Joseph Image 1

Joseph Benjamin, 2019

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